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What we have accomplished in Online Marketing in the year 2019-

  • Generated over 10,000 sales from SEO Alone every year
  • Achieved a 245% ROI on over $250k spent on PPC Services annually
  • Connected over 400,000 patients with doctors nationwide
  • Received more than 700,000 hits on Google Local business pages

PPC Conversions Generated in 2019

Looking for a low risk way to start advertising on Google?

Results Driven PPC

We help companies grow their revenue through our ROI-driven and success conscious Pay-Per-Click services.

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Get Your Business on Google

If you are not in front of the world’s biggest search engine in 2018 are you are missing out. Enough said.

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Fast turnaround

We can have your ad up in 48 hours depending on Google’s approval. Test your site and ads and get feedback immediately

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Flat Upfront Pricing

Unless your ad spend is over $25k per month, we charge a flat monthly fee of $399 to manage and constantly improve your campaign.

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Live Reporting and Support

We are constantly monitoring your ads to optimize profitability. We are available 24/7 to make adjustments as needed.

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A/B Testing & Segmentation

We separate out all your keywords and ads into individual campaigns. We also employ A/B testing of your campaigns, landing pages, and ads to fine tune profitability of each element.

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Landing Page Optimization

We offer landing page strategy consultations so that your ads can perform the best. Every piece of the sales funnel matters.

About Us

No Promises, Just Results

Running an enormously successful PPC program starts with having the right strategy in place. We create integrated marketing programs that significantly increase digital marketing ROI by specifically targeting the right audience at the right time.


We help companies grow their revenue through our ROI-driven and success conscious Pay-Per-Click services.



PPC management starts with learning who your customers really are. At FWA Marketing, we deeply research your customers and buying behavior We meticulously study what motivates them? Why should they choose you instead of your competitors? What makes you stand out against the competition?



We study first the current customer/client acquisition cost. What are the revenue goals? We learn about the current market share, and how can we dominate.



Conduct a detailed analysis of all data/metrics and detect areas of improvements. Highlight what’s working well, and what’s not.



Monitor the entire visitor flow, right from pre-click to post-click while running tracking technology to attribute revenue back to selected keywords, ad copy, landing page, and more.







Our Results

We find your customers, wherever they search

Our Results

What will your digital marketing agency success look like?

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Increased Conversion Rates

with one conversion rate optimization strategy

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Increased Traffic

through a targeted social media campaign

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Increased Revenue

through combined SEO and viral marketing

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An Honest, Creative and Result-driven Digital Marketing Agency

We’re everything you’d expect from a professional agency- responsible, flexible, scalable and innovative. At FWA Marketing, we go above and beyond to deliver results and help elevate our clients’ businesses. Our marketing professionals do not try to be a jack-of-all-trades, instead, we specialize in digital marketing and make marketing campaigns triumph. We understand that it is these businesses and entrepreneurs that have the power to create jobs, improve the welfare of mankind, and make a real difference in our world. Thus, it is primary mission is to empower entrepeneurs and help businesses succeed. Since our inception in 2010, we have worked with different brands and delivered scalable results. Our combination of strong skills, clear understanding, and agile approach is the recipe for our success. Our Ethos is Simple We create digital ideas that are bigger, bolder, and better. So, whether you’re looking for a complete digital marketing campaign or just need help to get your website rank, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC management?
PPC management is a way of marketing your business. Through this, you can reach your potential clients more efficiently and effectively. The advertisements are displayed only to the people who have already expressed their interest in your products. This is a very powerful tool and can help increase your business considerably.
Why do I need a PPC campaign?
With a PPC campaign, your advertisements are displayed in the most relevant places online. It will help increase the traffic on your page. You only have to pay when your advertisement gets a click.
How does a PPC campaign work?
A PPC campaign begins with bidding for the right keywords to have your ads appear on the search engine. This advertisement then reaches to only the people who can be your potential clients. This helps in saving your big bucks as you have to only pay for the click on your advertisement.
How can a Pay Per Click Management Company help my business?
When you are looking to power up your business, PPC can be an excellent tool to use. It is cost-effective as Pay Per Click advertisements help in filtering potential clients from the crowd. The advertisement will only reach the people who are interested in your product. This, in turn, helps you get more business. A Pay Per Click Management Company devises targetted campaigns which help you get the best of the benefits this tool provides.
How much does a PPC campaign cost?
When doing PPC, you get to choose the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for every click. With this maximum bid and other factors like the structure of the campaign, the relevance of the ad copy and the history of the keywords determines how much you have to pay. But this definitely helps you get more clients and eventually earn profit over it.
When can I see the results?
You don’t have to wait for them. With Pay Per Click service you can get immediate results. When we take over the management of your campaign, we schedule a call with your account manager and discuss the action items. As we move along with our strategy, we keep you updated with the optimizations while you can also monitor the improvement.
Over $20,000,000 in sales generated.

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