1.      What is Local SEO?
Ans. Local SEO is a complex process that makes sure that people in and around your area can find you online easily.  With Local SEO, you can make sure to that your business ranks well on SERPs and gives you more organic traffic and an opportunity to convert more leads.
2.      Does my business really need local SEO?
Ans. No matter which niche your business is based on, it is very likely that you will need local SEO if you want to attract local customers. Also, if you are a small business, this DM strategy ensures that you drive as much local business as possible.
3.      How quickly can I see the results?
Ans. Visible results vary with every business. Many times one can notice results in less than a month. It may also be possible for you to be able to see these over a span of 3-7 months. Industry competition directly affects the speed of your results. However we guarantee you results in just 12 weeks.
4.      What techniques and methods are involved in Local SEO?
Ans. Every digital marketing team strategizes their own plan to be successful with local SEO. That being said, there are various methods and techniques that are commonly used. These include on-page and off-page optimization, local citations (nap), link building, data aggregators, business listings, website and mobile optimization.
5.      Can you get me the #1 ranking on Google?
Ans. You should stay cautious of any agency or marketer promising you this. However, with years of experience, what we can guarantee you is a significant improvement in your rankings that you will be able to notice in just 12 weeks.
6.      How much do you charge for Local SEO?
Ans. Pricing depends completely on the plan that you choose. We have three Local SEO bundles to choose from. The Basic plan is for $129/month and includes business listings, citations, link building, on-page and off-page SEO, social signals, local presence and data aggregators. The Growth plan is for $229/month and adds on website optimization along with the standard bundle. You can choose the Booster plan for $359/month if you wish to add Mobile SEO to the Growth plan.
7.      What do you charge for a website audit?
And. Absolutely nothing! We believe that the first step in helping any business is diagnosing the symptoms and the problem. This is why all our website audits are completely free of charge. Just fill out a simple form on our website and we will do the rest for you.