Steady Care Medical Clinic

Steady Care Medical Clinic

Steady Care Medical is a Santa Ana, California based clinic that provides patients with a wide range of health care services. With the advent of telemedicine technologies, they started providing online consultations to help patients receive medical advice through their digital devices; thus saving time and money.

The idea of delivering professional help through HIPAA-compliant software was great, but they were struggling to get more patients to connect them and use their services. As there were some other telemedicine service providers already operating, they were not able to compete them and reach their target audience.

We carefully understood their requirements, and designed customized digital marketing strategies, which helped them boost their online presence, grow the number of daily online patient visits, etc. Today, Steady Care Medical is a leading provider of online ESA consultations, general medical services, and erectile dysfunction treatment.

Client:Steady Care Medical Clinic
Date: 18 Feb, 2019
Services: Web Design & Development, SEO
Case Studies
Case Studies

Challenges Faced By the Client

Initially, the client’s site had various issues. Its pages took a lot of time to load and had broken links. It was not showing in the top search results on Google, thus not getting enough clicks. The Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) were also below 10. Some of the pages weren’t mobile friendly making them unable to connect to mobile users.

Website traffic– The website was unable to get enough traffic from search engines, social media platforms, and other online sources. Thus, they were struggling to reach more patients.

Social media– Social media platforms are great places to increase your reach nowadays. But, the clinic didn’t have proper social media strategies. Although, they had social media accounts, but weren’t utilizing them for reaching maximum patients.

Search engine ranking- Traffic from search engines play a vital role in increasing a company’s sales. Steady Care Medical pages were unable to rank in top 200 in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), which was affecting the site’s performance in different ways.

Our Process

We carefully analyzed all the factors related to the website, social media platforms, and worked on the problematic areas.

For website traffic- We created high-quality, unique blog posts, guest posts, Quora answers, articles, etc. to reach more patients and educate them. We also used social media sharing, forum participation, and other strategies to bring more traffic to the site.

For social media- We developed the accounts on different social media platforms, created and shared infographics, trending news, blogs, etc. on a regular basis. And, helped increase presence on social media platforms.

Search engine ranking- We performed keyword research to select the keywords with high search volume, long-tail keywords, key-phrases, brand keywords etc. We developed high-quality backlinks on high PR sites, and successfully boosted the site’s search engine rankings.

1. Website audit
2. Website designing and development
3. Content optimization
4. Social media strategy

Result Driven

Our digital marketing experts worked dedicatedly to improve the site’s performance in terms of search engine ranking, website traffic, and social media presence. We designed and implemented result-oriented, audience-focused digital marketing strategies and increased the site’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) to 25 and 31 respectively. We helped the clinic to increase the number of clicks and over 25K patients using 100% organic strategies.

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