Sam Levitz

Sam Levitz

Sam Levitz has been a pioneer furniture store in Southern Arizona for the past 65 years. The locally owned, family-run business believed in the word of mouth to market their business. Therefore, their market was constricted to the region only. With many businesses brewing in their area, the company decided to take a walk along the street of ecommerce. Hence, the company decided to step into the online market.

They though struggled to reach out to their potential customers because of the lack of a streamlined strategy and execution. With coming of age businesses developing in the area, their online presence seemed to remain in the shadows of the competitors. We then joined hands with the company and provided them with quality strategies and targeted their audience with our concentrated SEO techniques.

Client: Sam Levitz
Date: 18 Feb, 2019
Services: seo,ppc
Case Studies

Challenges Faced By the Client

Online Presence: Our client’s website was facing trouble attracting the potential customers. The site was not able to generate enough leads and hence the conversions were very low. The site struggled as its competitors started expanding their online presence.

Due to lack of a focused strategy in targeting the traffic on the website, the site failed to rank anywhere in the first five pages of the google results. Hence, the people searching for a furniture store in the web space had five pages of businesses to choose from before opting for Sam Levitz.

Keywords Ranking: To rank website in the google results, targeting keywords is very important. Hence, a dedicated SEO strategy focusing on important keywords that brings traffic to the website dramatically lacked. The company struggled to identify the right keywords to target. The research done to find the keywords that the search engine identifies and draws the much needed traffic to the website was absent.

Even when the right keywords were found, the strategy to target it effectively lacked which again led to the failure of generating traffic to the website. The company required a comprehensive approach with a focused digital marketing strategy.

Our Process

We helped the company unwrap its potential with our dedicated SEO campaigns and PPC.

We first audited the website and got the eagle eye view of the functioning of the website. We then evaluated the analytics of the website to direct the traffic to the website. We then applied white-hat search engine optimization on the website to increase the performance on the SERP.

We then applied unique strategies in targeting the keywords to improve the online presence of the website. We identified the keywords that would drive the traffic on the website and targeted them with quality content all over the web space.

Our content team and SEO team worked in a tandem to devise strategies that would increase the leads to the website and in turn improve the conversions.

1. Website Audit
2. Website SEO Optimization
3. PPC Marketing

Result Driven

We as a company believe in providing results with the face value. We increased the Domain Authority (DA) from 48 to 53 which increased their brand value in the web space. We generated our energies into improving the SERP by targeting keywords. The company ranked at 53 in December for the keyword ‘Youth Furniture’ and in February the ranking improved to 3. With our PPC campaign we improved the cost, the average CPC and the conversions of the company.

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