Online MMJ Los Angeles

Online MMJ Los Angeles

420 evaluations in the initial phase of inception were not easy. Although the benefits of medical marijuana were known, it was not approved as a medicine by the FDA. With increased awareness and acceptance, the use of medical marijuana to save lives drew good attention. This gave birth to Online MMJ Los Angeles which aimed to serve in the interest of the people through a telemedicine platform.

While the concept was rich, its implementation still lacked a proper plan. Lack of audience and reach, made success seem like a distant possibility. Our company just stepped in time. We provided them with the results that they needed. With our digital marketing strategies, they have received over 250,000 patients and are currently serving more than 40,000 patients.

Now, MMJ Los Angeles has established a benchmark in providing 420 evaluations in California. Our strategies have made them dream bigger.

Client: MMJ Los Angeles
Date: 18 Feb, 2019
Services: Web Design & Development, SEO
Case Studies

Challenges Faced By the Client

Initially, the client’s website: had ranking issues. Their Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) were stuck at 9 and 12 respectively. We improved it to 25 and 29 respectively. Also, their site frequently crashed and redirected to error pages. Frequent bounce rates and an incompetent website design did not attract healthy traffic.

Keyword ranking: The keyword ranking for the website were not ranked in the first 200. This clearly indicated at their lack of reach and incoming traffic.

Social Media: The Twitter page activity generated below average impressions. They never moved above 100 impressions with minimal engagements.

Alexa Ranking: The website was not gaining good traction. It ranked over 6 million globally and 1 million in the USA. These were definitely not satisfactory Alexa Traffic Rankings.

Our Process

We presented them with the facts and analytics to help them understand their weak points and challenges.

For keyword ranking: We conducted a white hat search engine optimization for the website to increase their SERPs and ranking. Also. we did a website audit to get an insight into their website. The design and UX were definitely lacking and generated limited traffic.

Social Media: We created an online presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We posted regular posts and encouraged sharing to engage the audience. For Twitter, we used hashtags and incorporated visuals to beat the 140- character limit.
The strategy included:

1) Social Media Marketing

2) Website audit

3) Website design and content development

For Alexa ranking: We implemented white hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve the page ranking. We concentrated on producing engaging and quality content which helped us in getting better links and link building.

Result Driven

1) With our web marketing skills, their Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) increased to 25 and 29 respectively which made their website more noticeable.

2) Our white hat SEO techniques helped them improve their keyword ranking with astounding success. Earlier, keywords never ranked in the top 200. With our techniques, they reached an all-time high ranking of 4.

3) Our social media marketing strategies helped their website reach 649 impressions which were earlier stuck at 100. We also created more created engagements and better results.

4) We induced phenomenal improvement in the website’s Alexa rankings. The site is now ranked at 385,077 in USA and 3,948, 276 globally.

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