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What Is New In Social Media These Days? (August 2019)

Digital media of any kind is an ever-changing scenario. Trends in social media are prone to quick changes too. Hence staying updated about social media is 100% essential. 

So, what changes social media witnessed in July month of 2019 and which can we expect in August is here. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are four giants of social media; for now, we will talk about these four in this blog.

So, let’s shed that clutter and dive right into the good stuff;


So, the newly transformed social media site, which used to be an online video streamer only, changed a bit.

Apparently, on the 22nd of July this year, YouTube updated its terms of service in Switzerland and the European Economic Area.

  • They have added, the age requirement clause, minors will now have a parent’s or guardian’s permission to use YouTube.
  • A significant change that came for companies is if an employee is using YT on the company’s behalf, then the company is accepting YouTube’s terms automatically. This will help YouTube to get hold of the fake news and fake accounts supposedly. 
  • A big plus here will be the privacy section where YouTube restricted itself from using your content even after you have removed it; they will use it but lesser.
  • The significant most change has to be the one where YouTube will now give one a chance to appeal before terminating one’s account. There will be a notice period now. 

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As infographics and good photography are making tremendous impacts on ethical marketing, Instagram is attracting more people each day. 

The photo-sharing based social media platform is very active in update business, and they made some this month too.

  • Chat sticker on stories, people can ask you to start a group chat by clicking it.
  • Instagram stories camera will keep your picture for seven days. Previously, the limit was 24 hours, even if you do not post the picture.
  • A confirmation from Instagram that they are testing app version, where likes and video views will be hidden from others. The uploaders will still be able to see them, however. 


The President of social media, Facebook tried their hands in the updates section too. The new updates are more significant than ever, check out:

  • Pages with more than 10k likes will soon be able to share their content with top fans only. Specific content for specific people, personalization is the new champ of e-marketing. Get ready for significant changes now. 
  • Facebook is mobile-friendlier than ever. Video format for mobile feed is set on 4:5 now. If your video violates this ratio limit, your video will not feature in the news feed on a mobile phone. 
  • Mark’s little company finally accepts that they take some seventy days to remove your deleted data. In this new update of terms of service, they just have agreed how they do it?


Social media giant with a tie and a plain black suit, LinkedIn recently has announced that they are personalizing the ad section even more. *might have taken a tip or two from FB, but who’s to judge right?*

What they have done is that they are going to make the targeting specific audience for advertising campaign easier. 

Well, this is pretty much it for LinkedIn, they are pretty dull when it comes to updating things.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have an eye on using social media optimization services; these updates will be handy. 

Staying updated with social media whether you want to use SME is important, y’ all are using it, all the time, anyway. 


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