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What Are The Best PPC Tools These Days?

PPC or Pay Per Click kind of marketing is changing faster than the London weather so quickly that it is getting tougher to keep track of the things. Especially the tools.

We will discuss the free PPC tools very soon, but first, let’s check some of these PPC stats. 

First be, for every dollar a company spends on Google ad, they get twice the revenue. Secondly, as for the on-page conversion PPC ads are the third most successful converter.

And the last one, mortgage, attorney, and insurance are the three most expensive keywords in PPC marketing.

Let’s start the tool parade then:

Google Keyword Planner

Which another tool will be able to get the full results in the best possible way than Google Keyword Planner

It the first choice of our team too as it is a Google product, they know how their spider works. All you got to do is to put your business phrase into it, and it will spit out your keywords.

Or there is an option in the tool where you can insert your website’s link and get relatable links. One can also enter one’s own and competitor’s website URL to compare and get the keywords.

It is a handy tool and works well.

Google Trends 

Another Google tool in the house. The freshest and the most talked about PPC tool in recent times.  It let you see which topic is in the trends, and in which country too. 

Say if you are in America and your client is in China, you do not have to skim famous Chinese blogs. All you will do is to set the region to China and get your topics.

You can also compare two keywords and see which one has worked well and plan your campaign accordingly.


We are using the premier one of this one too. Want to take your keyword research to another level? 

Well, SEMrush is for you people then, it has the most advanced keyword research techniques at present times.

This tool doesn’t just let you understand the keyword game you are your competitor is playing but also show you how many and what kinds of ads they are running. 


The best SEO tool and the best searcher of backlinks are Ahrefs. Search Engine Optimism teams love it, and they all may agree that Ahrefs is a great competitor analysis tool.

The greatest part? It alerts you whenever your competitor starts a new advertisement campaign so that you can always stay one step ahead of your competition.


So, these are the top tools that all the best PPC marketing company used in America. 

Pay Per Click marketing is the best kind of advertisement if one is using it in the right way. 

Wonders it does to the conversion rates are world known, and you have seen it too at the start of the blog. 

It doubles the business, plus what the big plus here is that these are not that expensive too.





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