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Video Marketing is Trending in 2020. Here’s How You Can Use It

I once wanted to know how to cut my own hair. And so I googled it like every other millennial on this planet. And as expected, more than a billion results showed up. Ranging from blogs to youtube videos. But, I chose to open a tutorial video.

Now you’re probably wondering what was the purpose of this anecdote. It’s not related to my hair but on my choice of content. I opted for video content rather than a written tutorial. And this is not just my case, most people prefer watching videos than reading. And in the case of marketing, this number is as high as 72 percent.

So why use video marketing?

Raising your brand’s awareness has a lot to do with being up to date. 2020 is a year for video marketing and you must use it to stay relevant in the market. Also, videos are a complete package. This new medium actually incorporates every other content type. From written material like quotes to music to images. It is a sensory experience and gets more attention than other mediums.

Videos can actually raise your sales and visibility than written content. And these are not just my words, here are some statistics.

  • According to Hubspot, 54 % of consumers wish to see more video content from brands.
  • 64 % of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.
  • According to social media today, In 2020, 82 % of internet traffic will be from video content.

So if you have a marketing strategy, do not ignore video marketing. But before you begin, I have some tips that can help you with video marketing.

1. Personalize your content

Any marketing strategy has to have a target audience rather than trying to involve every type of customer. So begin by getting clarity on what type of customer base you want to target. Then start personalizing your content based on your target audience. And let me tell you that this process involves collecting a lot of data. And you will need professional help from marketing agencies.

But, personalizing videos can actually increase your relevance and help build a relationship with your customer. So, make your content interactive, incorporate recommendations according to the user’s history and make your videos device friendly.

2. Try using long-form videos

You may have heard that short videos have a greater impact on the audience. Because people have no time and a short attention span. While this is true in some aspects, long videos can also be beneficial for your brand.

Whether you wish to make Youtube videos or landing page videos, keep them longer than 5 minutes to keep your customer engaged. Also, longer durations lets you tell a story and appeal your customer’s emotional aspect. As a result, you are able to create a connection.

3. Know about different types of videos

Get a wider reach for your brand or business by creating different types of video content. For example, make demo videos to introduce your product or make instructive videos like the ‘how to cut my hair’ tutorial I was talking about. Incorporate information in your videos in unique ways like interviews and animated infographics.

4. Do not hesitate to go live

While you can make a masterpiece with edited videos, going live can actually boost your engagement. Here’s why. People see live videos as less scripted, more reliable and authentic. In simple words, an unadulterated form of content. Also, going live can get you more engagements as people are more likely to comment on live streams.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is a new trend that you cannot afford to let go of. Because it is necessary and not an option. So get in touch with your nearest marketing agency and start building your business via video marketing.






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