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Top 4 Online Marketing Trends Not To Ignore in August 2019

If you are reading this, you must know this already; online marketing is an ever-changing scenario; this market never stops.

This year, in 2019, marketing trends are changing faster than the colors of a chameleon. So, to keep you updated on the trending front, we are writing this blog. 

As the seventh month of 2019 is almost over we are officially on the ending side of the year, you needed to update your online marketing trends list. 

So, here are they:

AI or Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or as the kids in suits like to call them these days, AI is one of the significant most OMT (online marketing trend) that one cannot miss. 

No, it is not only about human-looking robots or killing machines from the future, but you are using it already; what about that? Did you know it? 

Well, yes, Google is using it for you in its search engine spider. Whenever you are searching something, Google uses AI on your behalf to get the result you want. 

Spider is always searching for as humanely content as possible, so keep that in mind while creating your new website. 

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Chating Robots

No, you will not need to buy an actual robot from Japan to chat with your customers. Chatbots are simply programs loaded with fundamental questions about your website.

You must have seen chatboxes popping up in most of the websites you open these days. These e-assists are called chatbots. 

While developing a new website, keep this little fellow in mind. Do not add it on your domain for the sake of it. 

Make sure it will be able to answer most of the fundamental questions about your product or services.

Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is a new way of Google for helping its users. It is also called the right answer box or the best answer box. 

Google using AI spider, picks up the best answer to a customers query and put a good chunk of it on the top of the search list. 

According to the search engine giants, your content needs to provide as much accurate information to a person’s query as you can to feature in a Featured Snippet. 

What you can do here is to keep content unique, rare, and 100% plagiarism-free. 

Influencers’ Marketing 

Lowkey celebrities, who are famous in local levels or on international standards just not in a mainstream way, are influencers. 

Social media stars are by and large dominating the influencer’s marketing. Danielle “, the cash me outside” Bregoli, is one of the best examples for this kind. 

E-marketing for sure is changing these days. Now, small or more significant brands send these social media stars goodies or money, and in return, they talk the brand up via their account.


So, these are the top four online marketing trends which you cannot neglect in the upcoming month of August. 

The basics of marketing will remain the same, though, make them buy things, even if they do not want to; create needs and then create things to fulfil them.


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