The 5 Best and Most Popular Free WP Themes You Must Try in 2019

We all know that WordPress is the most popular CMS, and most bloggers love it for their business or personal blogs. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert blogger, you need a theme.

So how to choose the right WordPress theme, where there so many different themes available out there?

It’s not as easy as you think.

Your success as a blogger depends on many things apart from writing great content. There are so many different factors that ensure that you’re ahead of your competitors, and getting the results on any given search engines.

Your knowledge about the niche you work in, the way you promote your blogs, and most importantly, the appearance of your blogs all play a key role.

So without much ado, here is a list of 5 beautiful free WordPress themes that you can download:


This WordPress theme provides you with a distinct blog-style layout option. You can easily pair the layout with your written content, images and/or videos. It offers a neat, clean, clutter-free and minimalist design. Here we see a masonry-style blog layout that displays content in a grid format and helps readers easily browse through the blog posts.
Salient Features-

  • It has a gallery option to add photos and videos to your written content
  • Clutter-free theme
  • Grid style layout for better presentation


Kale is an ultimate WordPress theme for food bloggers. It comes with multiple feed display styles to choose from and authors can determine how they want to organize their written content and images of cuisine, menu items, etc

Kale WordPress theme also comes with inbuilt social media sidebar widget that makes it easy for blog readers to locate, check and follow blogger’s account.

Salient Features-

  • Great options for blog feed displays
  • Built-in social media menu buttons


Writee is a perfect WP theme for photography or for anyone who wants to showcase many images. It comes with a slider image feature that enables you to add several full-width images without any problem. It is a responsive theme, which means it automatically changes your blog site’s format to fit any screen- desktop, mobile or even tablet.

In case you are a blogger that sells branded merchandise, Writee can help you manage your online store simple by integrating WooCommerce.

Salient Features-

  • Responsive design
  • Full-width image slider
  • WooCommerce integration


Hemingway is a simple, and comprehensive two-column blogging theme that keeps your written content organized and reader-friendly. It comes with aparalle=ax scrolling feature that enables bloggers to add 3D interactives for adding a video-like experience to their blog. Hemingway’s language translation-ready feature flies so that your blog site can be automatically translated into a number of other languages.

<>Salient Features-

  • Comprehensive two-column theme
  • 3D-video like scrolling feature
  • auto-translates into other languages


Radiate is enormously popular as it offers great visuals, including a tailor-made, a full-width banner and primary color option so that you can perform branding as well. In case you have a WordPress Premium or Business account, you can also then take advantage of CSS.

Salient features-

  • Full-width image background
  • multiple color choices
  • custom CSS to easily modify and customize web page design

Bottom Line
A free Blogging WP theme can help bloggers create a functional, stylish and fascinating website where readers can share their content as well. Each WP theme comes with different features, layouts and styling. Make sure you consider the overall design of your blog this year!






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