Google Search Update Affect your Site Ranking

How Can New Google Search Update Affect your Site Ranking

Everything starts with a search!

What’s the update all about? How can it affect your search engine ranking? Let’s discuss it!

Google’s New Core Search Algorithm Update


Google’s New Core Search Algorithm

On June 2, 2019, Google’s public liaison for search Google SearchLiaison posted a tweet, announcing a new update-

Tomorrow, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the June 2019 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before. Please see this tweet for more about that.

Google SearchLiaison (@searchliason) June 02, 2019

On June 03, 2019, Google announced that the new update is live.

Google’s new update is designed to help curb fraudulent affiliate sites from affecting the rankings of the genuine sites. The update isn’t going to target anything specific but will improve the search results aiming at improving user satisfaction.

Tips for Digital Marketers-


Tips for digital marketers


Google’s search update could help users with better search experience and genuine sites achieve the rankings they deserve. Here’re some of the important things to consider-

Google will focus more on mobile-first indexing by default. This will be applicable for all new sites starting from July 01, 2019. Marketers can check mobile-first indexing on the Google Search Console tool, and easily get information about indexing and crawling.

Google Ads are very popular. More than 70% of marketers use automated bidding technology today. Google’s Smart Bidding technology will enable marketers to design more targeted ads. The company introduced the three bidding innovations- campaign-level conversion setting, seasonality adjustments, and maximize conversion value.

Visual refresh of the mobile search result page allows users to get a better guide for information available on the internet. Marketers are now allowed to add more action buttons, allowing them to showcase their information in a better way and link that to the source.

Google announced supporting 3D and augmented reality technologies in its search results. This enables users to enjoy a better search experience with 3D objects on their Android and iPhone platforms. In the search results, there will be an option “View in 3D” that lets users view the object in their personal platforms. Here’s an example of Google 3D search.

Covering it up—Google is continuously doing efforts in helping the users with the results that best match their queries. Also, it works to curb fraudulent sites from affecting the rankings of genuine sites. Updating your site with new, fresh, valuable content for your target audience is the best SEO strategy. If you provide high-quality content that can actually solve problems of your audience, it would definitely be loved by Google, thus automatically achieve a high ranking.

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