3 Marketing Trends of 2019

3 Marketing Trends of 2019 Every Business Should Know

“Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.” – Michael Brenner

Change! It is a fact in every walk of life. A dominant one in businesses. Change or get left behind, that is how it works in marketing. The process of constant growth and change will only give your business the successes you dream of.

Innovation is not a one time process but a cyclic one. You need to keep on innovating. No stops, no halts. A constant flow of innovation is what makes marketing work. There are thousands of business competing for the prize, the prize of ultimate conversions. Where do you stand now?

It is not just about going ahead once, or twice but maintaining that lead with constant innovation. And that is where you need to keep up with the trends. There is no formula for any business to succeed. It is actually the algorithm that is working in your brain to devise the right strategy to market your brand in the best possible manner.

And these strategies are what makes your business stand out among the others. This is why the clients will choose you over the others who are already ahead of you. So, let’s check some marketing trends that will give your business an edge over others:

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

Social media has taken a whole new route in the past decade. From simple chat rooms to a whole new world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter among others. When it comes to marketing, brands have been paying celebrities to endorse their products for a long time. But people have certainly grown over that. It just gets too salesy. So, getting social media influencers to market your product actually helps to build the trust of people.


The gaming industry has shown a rapid rise in the past 5 years. Again, comes the concept of change. We need to understand the shift in paradigm and move forward accordingly. With trends like gaming picking up, it is important to capture these moments and take full advantage. Many brands have already been successful with this technique. Develop a game based on your product or brand and use it to advertise. Here your customer participates and engages in the action. He is more likely to buy your product as he feels part of it. The in-game purchases are just an added advantage.



Yes, The SEO expert might have told you to write long content to get more organic traffic. But then again there are different types of audiences. Yes, you need that long content to get higher search rankings as search engines prefer longer content. But, not everyone wants to read those long blogs. So, in this case, a short relevant content works better. That is why it is better to use different content lengths to satisfy both the search engine and your readers.

Marketing is all about strategies and ideas. The world keeps on changing, you too need to or get left behind.


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