Eggciting Campaign

Market Your Business with an Eggciting Campaign this Easter

Pick up the wand. Let the wrist make a twirl.

Wingardium Leviosa!

Feel your business elevated?

Imagine you had magical spells that elevate your business. Actually, you do. Maybe not exactly spells but of the same sort.

Digital Marketing!

With unique ideas and targetted strategies, digital marketing campaigns will work magic for your brand.

Well, I always told my mom that magic was real but she never believed me. Poor she! So, it is true! Geniuses are never appreciated in their own time.

So, what are your plans this easter? Well, I am planning to have as many chocolates as I can.

Events like these are great for businesses. Especially when the seasons are at a transition. Easter goes, Summers walk in. So, if your marketing strategy doesn’t deliver much, you could always put in the improvements for the Summers.

Easter is one holiday that has been able to shift the paradigm of marketing time and time again.

In 2013, it brought AR into the verse of marketing by Tesco. Remember that advertisement #findtheegg. It became a revolution where people tried to find eggs through the camera of your phone all across the country to win exciting prizes and goodies from Tesco.

In 2016, the Co-operative Food launched its Good egg campaign. In this campaign, they urged people to do a good deed. It became a downright sensation.

Virtual Reality egg hunt! Walking along technology Freefly VR had an excellent campaign on Easter where they boosted the traffic on their website by organizing an egg hunt using VR. They offered discounts on holiday gifts according to the number of eggs found. Great, right?


Carlsberg! Can’t keep them out of this list. Their IfCarlsbergDid campaign became really popular when they came up with the crazy idea of mimicking a huge edifice with chocolate. Yes, an office made of chocolate. If there is any magic in the world, what wouldn’t I give to have it? After every meal, I ‘ll just have a bite of that table. Life!

These were the campaigns that were able to capture the eyes of the audience like none other. With unique ideas and great strategy, they were able to pull off something great. Today, with social media and global connectivity like never before, elevating your business is not that difficult. All it needs is a direction.

What do people need?

What do people want?

What do you have to give them?

So, how can you give them?

Questions that will drive your marketing campaign. These companies put a lot of brains behind these targetted campaigns. Let’s analyze them first.


Tesco and Freefly used technology to lure people in. Who doesn’t like to experience new things? With innovation comes eyes glaring at you in curiosity. This is what they targetted. People experience the technology of VR and AR to earn themselves discounts and prizes which influenced them to buy the company’s product in the end.

Perfection? Yes! It is all about the strategies.

Co-operative Food, on the other hand, targetted the audience with a social message. A good social idea spreads like a wildfire. And it was definitely good. The campaign flourished elevating the business without much help from any spells.

Carlsberg a well-renowned brand in England perfectly used the power of social media. With their campaign,  IfCarlsbergDid, they gave a new meaning to “Crazy Big.” Yes, they did things grand style and that became a hashtag sensation in social media.

What these companies had in common was a good marketing strategist. And that is what your business needs. You may be the best in your business, but that message needs to touch your potential customers with intensity.

So, what we learn from this Easter, we can make the best out of in Summers.

There is a common misconception that only businesses that are directly affected by the holiday campaign. But that is not the case. There are just three main things that you need to do when marketing for your business on Easters.

Find a connection:


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It’s Easter! Your business and the holiday may have a string that ties them together. Hold it and use it to market your business. KitKat this year used their tag line ‘take a break’ and connected it with ‘break an egg.’

Just a shuffle of some words and here you go, you have a connection. But finding the connection is easy, getting them into the eyes of your potential customers is where the challenge lies.

Provide a service:

You need to offer a service or a deal that benefits the customer so as to lure them in. Giving them additional services and discounts are one of the most common ways to increase your business this holiday. But that doesn’t make your business stand out.

So, what to do. That is where the two points below will help you get the edge over your competitors.

Social Media Influencing:

Social Media

Social media today holds immense power. Not just businesses, it can make or break governments. What? You are asking so why is Trump still sitting on his resolute desk?

Well, people like trolls so…

When you have a connection and an additional service to offer, use social media to start a trend. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools right now. Though people don’t give it much importance but it is great in influencing people into buying your products.

Take Co-operative Food, for example, their whole Easter campaign centered around social media.


Curiosity is a beautiful thing. Something new will always attract eyes, its a tendency of human nature that cannot be denied. Use it! We, marketers, are always hungry. We hunt, hunt and hunt. See one weakness in the prey, attack it.

Freefly and Tesco used innovation to drive customers into buying their products. They gave an experience to people that they haven’t seen before. Brainstorm and innovate or hire someone who does that for you to boost up your business.

Hatch your business this Easter with a targetted marketing campaign.


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