Content Stand Out With Animated Infographics

Make Your Content Stand Out With Animated Infographics

Infographics have been a hot marketing trend since its commencement. They have been around for ages and are definitely not going anywhere, anytime soon. In fact, in the past 5 years, they have garnered an impeccable popularity which is expected to grow by 5% in the next five years. This means if your business isn’t yet riding the bandwagon of infographic, you can fall behind.

There is no denying the fact that infographics have a lot of potential to attract audiences.


It’s simple – because it allows them to learn about complex “topics” in an enjoyable way. According to Jeffbullas, photos are liked 2X times more than plain text. And videos are shared 12X times more than links and text posts combined.

Impressive, right?

With more than 3 million blog posts published online every day, infographic are something that make your content stand out. It’s a perfect combination of stats, text, and images – which is the biggest reason behind its popularity.

According to Hausman marketing Letter, people can only retain 10 to 20% of the information they read online. However, when the same information is presented with visual elements, the stats for information retained quickly skyrockets, which is around 65%.

Now imagine your infographics with animation.

According to Copy Press, animated infographics are an economic alternative to adding video content. They easy to create, and do not require a huge production budget. These infographics can be created with the help of a graphic designer who knows how to convert your stats and information in a fancy, animated infographic.

Why animated infographics are better than static infographics?


  • They are more engaging and have potential to go viral


Did you know more than 4 billion videos are watched every day? Yes, that’s a lot of videos. In fact, when it comes to learning about something, people prefer watching videos than reading plain text. This means videos are even more engaging and popular than images and static infographics.

Wondering how is it relevant to animated infographic?

Well, animation is nothing but a small chunk of a video. Adding a small piece of animation (or animation) to an infographic can help you garner at least half the views you could have otherwise gained with a video.

But then, why not use videos instead of animated infographics?

You can, if you have the budget. But unfortunately, not every business has the required budget, skills and team to make a video. However, as we mentioned earlier, creating infographics are easier and do not require a whole team of animators and video editors. So any business, even the small-scale ones, can make use of such graphics to advertise their business.


  • They explain movement better


As a matter of fact, people are attracted to moving objects and visual content. Moreover, people have the tendency to watch a GIF or animated image several times before they share it and get bored of it. Adding animation to your infographic will not only allow you to grab the attention of your audience but also make it go viral.


  • Make your marketing more effective


A carefully created animated infographic that has the potential to go viral can improve your marketing efforts. The primary aim of a marketing strategy is to reach as many people as possible and create awareness about your brand. An animated infographic can help you create awareness, improve the visibility of your online business and drive more conversions. What else? It can also help you boost your SEO rankings.  

Animated infographics can also help improve your email marketing. In 2014, Dell used an animated email campaign to advertise a new product. With this email campaign, they achieved:

  • 103% increase in conversion rate
  • 6% increase in open rate
  • 42% increase in click rate
  • 109% increase in revenue

Similarly, you can use animated email campaigns to make your marketing more effective.

How to create an animated infographic?


Creating an animated infographics is a skilled art that can be done by somebody who is well-versed with animation tools. As long as you know how to add animation to an image or create a GIF, you are sorted. But if animation and GIF is a whole new concept for you, you should better leave the job to the pros.

Don’t worry, animated infographics are not an expensive affair. Your graphic designer can effortlessly create animated infographics that are engaging, and interactive.

If you don’t have a graphic designer, there are some online tools you can make use of. Such as:

  • Animaker
  • Visme
  • Venngage

There are tons of animation tools available that you can use. But remember most of them are paid. These online tools are extremely easy to use and let you export your infographic in multiple format.

Creating an animated infographic at first can be overwhelming. But once you get a hang of it, you can truly make a compelling infographic that will get a massive attention.


Animated infographics are an interactive and effective way of communication. As a fairly new form of an older version, it has a lot of potential to make your brand stand out from the rest. Moreover, animated infographics – when designed carefully – can help you improve customer experience and business communications.


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