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The kings of social media marketing services, the bad guy themselves, Facebook has today loosen up its rules a little more so that, you can make a bit more money.

In an official statement, the office of Facebook has announced to have released new tools which will help the advertisers to join forces with branded content more easily than before. 

The tools are reportedly put forth by FB to attract YouTube users in big numbers.

YouTube, on the other hand, is tightening the rope on the cash flowing towards users.

The whole process of monetization is easier now. This news by aired by Mark’s invention, let’s discuss what these changes are?

Break Ad Adjustment 

One of the most exciting change or update the social media giants are putting on the already full table of the customers is the break ad adjustment feature.

This is the mere feature which was pushing back social media giants Facebook from their online video streaming rival, YouTube.

Via this feature, Facebook which is one of the 3 marketing trends at the moment, from now will not just place an advertisement on random scenes but will allow the person who is uploading the video to drop the ads on his/her video.

Options to choose between image ads or pre-roll ads will also give the power to the video uploader.

This will give firmer the grip for the user.

This very option was tested in 2018 in some of the mainstream countries.  UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand were part of the experiment.

It was later expanded to 21 more counties. And after September of last year as per Facebook is available in 40 countries.  

Enhancements in Creator Studio

Yes, they have touched the studio too. The video tool which gave more power to the user has now been updated to support the monetization efforts also. 

A Monetize Overview section is included in the creator studio. And options like retention insights and ability to manage Instagram posts like IGTV are available too.

With the demands of video content rising as much as 54% this year, IGTV access to creator studio will mean a lot to the FB users.

And the last nail

Recognized as the final nail in the coffin of YouTube’s, the mighty Facebook has now given the ultimate tool in the hands of the users, THE SUBSCRIPTION button.

Yes, just like YouTube, people will now be able to subscribe to their favorite video providers. 

The only change is that FB fans can now pay the other users monthly for fresh and unique video content. 

Facebook is making a claim that they have no intention of charging for it. Neither the video makers nor the watchers shall have to pay for this service. 

Nonetheless, the situation on iOS or Android is not clear, whether they will take a cut or not.


So, these are the new updates which Facebook has to offer for Social Media Marketing Services users, are you happy, sad or plain disappointed with them, let us know in the comments.


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