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How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing?

“The first impression is the last impression.” This is a phrase that makes more sense in the world of digital marketing. Because when it comes to website designing, it is the first impression that needs to count for it to create the right impact over your customers. All of you must be aware of the fact that creating a perfect website design is a crucial element for your website’s content marketing strategy. So, if somebody asks, “how web design impacts content marketing?” Say a poorly designed website invites no one. Instead, it will become a reason for your poor performance in the digital world. 

There is no use of an incredible website designing if your content marketing strategies are not up to the mark. So, basically, both of them work hand-in-hand. Therefore, to power your business and it’s market digitally, you will need to excel in your website designing game.

This will help your content marketing strategy to start working instantly. Are you still not convinced? Let’s delve into this topic a bit more and understand how web design will impact your content marketing strategies?

What Are The Factors That Might Impact Content Marketing?

Content drives your website in terms of conversions and engagement. There is no doubt about that. But, if the website design is not good, all your content would go waste entirely. This is how it might be impacting your content marketing strategies. 

Inability to Find Content 

This is probably one of the critical key elements while designing a website — Accessibility. What will be the use of high-quality content when one cannot even read it? The navigation of your website must be so smooth that it takes your user to the desired content that he/she is looking for. 

A perfect navigation design creates an excellent scenario that engages your users to your services and products. A dropdown menu is one of the best choices when it comes to navigating your customers smoothly to different services or pages. 

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Tips to Create an Amazing Navigation Patterns

If you are looking to create the right impression and avoid any navigation blunders, use the following tricks. 

  1. Make sure your website does not include infinite scrolling options
  2. Always focus on providing consistency in term of web design
  3. Make sure that your design is interactive and communicates well with the customers.
  4. Never go for dropdowns for more than five items
  5. Give proper cues in the navigation such as by adding icons, tags, logos wherever needed. 

Unappealing Website Design 

Users rate professionalism of a particular website or a brand by the use of a proper web design theme. People overlook the options that do not give them the right vibe visually. Don’t let people turn away from your exceptional content only because you have not paid attention to the website aesthetics. 

Customers make their final judgments in a snap of a second, which is precisely only one-tenth of a second for forming a first impression. Websites go through the same grilling. You precisely have only 5 seconds to engage your customers to choose your site over others. 

Think of it as your offline store and work on its interiors accordingly. Even the navigation is perfect. Still, customers will look away from your website because it does not engage them visually. A visually unappealing website can harm your conversions and overall ROI big way. You will never want to risk your business by using cheap web design services.

Inability to Read

Ok. You are done creating amazing navigation and incredibly exquisite aesthetics. Congratulations! But things don’t end there. It is the text font that also makes your content visually appealing and readable. Experts advise sticking to a single font family for your entire website. 

The right fonts and color patterns help your users read and extract the correct meanings pretty quickly. Make it a point to use clean and clear reading fonts for customers to read your content without any struggles easily. These details might seem minor, but they can impact your content marketing strategies very drastically. 

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Inability to Comprehend 

2019 is all about visuals. Google also prefers images and videos over a plain text. The same goes for your customers as well. They look for visuals and graphics to understand the posted information or topics. For instance, if you are running a cooking website, posting content without any images will be completely useless. 

People understand more with the help of visuals. Who likes to read nowadays? Giving them what they aspire for will make you more engaging and user-friendly. Hence, more clicks lead, and eventually, conversions. But, it is not limited to just e-commerce industries only. Visuals make your content more engaging and enhance its ability to catch the eyes of your target users. 

To Sum it Up

A lot of factors impact your website’s overall performance, be it SERP rankings or conversions. So, the bottom line is that your website design and aesthetics should be up to the mark so that your content marketing strategies work in a much better way.

The easier it is for your users, the better your online business will fare digitally. This is why you need to consult a web design services company right away. 


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