Content is a king

How to Write Great Content? A Step Forward to Match The Standards

If you are a marketeer, not a single day will pass by without anyone quoting, “Content is the king.” You often find yourself freezing in your tracks whenever you think about “how to write great content?” We’ve all been there. The question engendered controversy and could be a deciding factor for your success or failure as a content marketer. 

Have you wondered why? 

It’s simple. Change is the only constant when it comes to marketing or content creation trends. Let me say this straight; no tactic would last forever. However, if you wish to become successful online, two things will always remain constant:

  1. You need decent website traffic.
  2. You need quality content to engage your users.

It begins with a feeling that “Oh!! It’s very simple.” But, in reality, if you wish to make it work, the content needs to be very special and engaging. It’s no longer about writing good or bad since one can find millions of pages filled with content online.

Can you see where we are going with this? 

It means that one needs to establish a process that will help you to create great content without compromising your ability to produce quality content. So, let’s get down to business and look at different aspects that will make your content great. 

Its Headings Are Eye-catchy 

One can easily dismiss the importance of headings. But, they are equally critical to producing great content. Just imagine if your headline is not enticing, you might lose 80 percent of your users right away. Can you afford to do that? I doubt so. 

So, it is very crucial that your headline is unique and grabs your user’s attention since they cruise through the search engine at the speed of light. Therefore, writing outstanding headlines will make your chances brighter. So, developing the skills of writing attention-grabbing headlines will result in the highest number of likes, shares, and even engagements. 

Let’s understand this using the following example. 

Imagine what your reaction would be if you read these headlines: An Insight to a Cool New Website Feature or Does Your Website Have This Easy Add-on? You Might be Missing Out. 

Which one will be your personal preference? 

For me, the latter will hold the highest number of clicks since it shares the idea of missing out on something important. The thought of missing out on sales or leads because of that add-on will create a ruckus, and the user will end up reading the body of your blog. 

For what’s it’s worth, you got a great start indeed. Keep reading and find the next step. 

It Answers Users’ Queries 

Picture this. Whenever a user enters a search query, they are always looking for something. It could be an answer, or information related to a specific service, or simply how to complete a particular task. We’ve all done it. Even if you don’t write an entire query, the idea is to decode some answers. 

That’s where your vision comes into the picture. If you start using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs or Answer The Public or Google Trends, you can quickly identify questions or keywords that your users are searching for most of the time. Just imagine if you understand the mindset of your readers, you would be able to create a piece so thrilling that your readers will never click onto your competitors’ page.  

Let me show you how.

Imagine this. If a person is searching for a “chicken soup recipe,” the first reaction would be writing about “how to make chicken soup?” But what if they want more? How can you deliver answers to all their questions? It’s simple. Look for Google’s “People Also Ask” dialog box and use a list of few questions related to the original search query. 


A bit of interaction teamed up with good headlines, and subheadings will make your content appealing in every way. Without delay, search engines will start ranking your content higher than others.

As if that was not enough, the next part will talk about another aspect of “How to write great content?” 

It Needs to be Unique and Original 

When we talk about originality, it does not imply that you need to start a new quest altogether. What we mean here is that you need to provide your users with a different perspective of a similar query. Or offer something that no one has explored before. 

Remember: Don’t overdo it. 

As per Google’s John Mueller, your content won’t get indexed just because you published it. It needs to be useful for the users, compelling, high-quality, and unique. The way you put together an idea is what will become the identity of your content. If you don’t do the needful, you will start losing your links, clicks, and eventually rankings. 

It is Result-focussed 

Creating content without any strategy would be like telling a friend to meet you without providing your address. Wouldn’t he/she get lost? That’s how it will impact your market as well. Therefore, you must have a clear intention behind every piece of content and a plan to achieve your desired goal. 

This is how you can put together your ideas for producing desirable results. 

  • What type of content do your customers connect? 
  • What is the list of topics that get the highest clicks and longest views?
  • How can you achieve maximum engagement or sales?

Once you answer these questions, writing engaging content won’t be daunting anymore. That’s how you can easily find ways to answer our primary query, “How to Write Great Content?”

It Must Have The Visual Appeal 

There is a saying, “Words are not enough.” That works with online content too. Trends are changing when it comes to creating content with only photos and text. So, being a content creator, you must be ahead of times and start investing in trends like live streams or videos

Do you have a doubt? Just ask a few questions to yourself and decode the truth. For example, if you are given an option, what will feel most connected to? Or what is your favorite content type? Or what kind of content will connect an individual to a brand? And a few other questions that will help you to deduce that videos work the best in today’s marketing space. 

And guess what, if you show your audience what to do, they will love that. It would be any day better than giving them a hard time to read everything. So, start producing videos and see the change. 

How to Write Great Content? Final Thoughts 

Writing great content is one of the most critical components of generating high-ROI that might transform your revenue. You know the score. Higher the number of clicks, the higher the chances of turning a user into a permanent customer. So, regardless of what you are writing, if it helps users find answers to their queries, your content will indeed be a great one. 

The next time you are ready to click the “Publish” tab, make sure you have incorporated every minute detail in your content. Think about it like this: great content will ensure maximum searches online. And that will eventually improve your sales in the long run. Isn’t that what you were looking for in the first place? 





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