Gaming Industry Changing the Rules of Digital Marketing

How is Gaming Industry Changing the Rules of Digital Marketing in 2019?

Smile to Start the Game!

The Gaming World has ever been expanding. From arcades to personal consoles, From Marios to Apex Legends. Gaming has become a new sensation not just in the country but worldwide. And when you look at the progress the industry has made from the start of the century, it gives you a glimpse of what the future holds.

I remember in 2001, Xbox Live was being Beta tested. Yes, at that time who could have guessed that live multiplayer gaming would become an industry in itself in a couple of decades. Microsoft guys maybe. Since then, online multiplayer gaming has become a rage. With games like PubG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, gaming in the last two years has climbed a lot of stairs.

E3 this year has shown what the next 5 years would be for gaming. With Google Stadia launching this fall and Xbox Scarlett in the holiday 2020, it is exciting times for gamers. Cloud gaming is the way forward.

But what does all this mean for digital marketing?

Social media is one of the main aspects of digital marketing today. And yes, I believe we still haven’t processed the full potential of this. So, what is gaming?

It is another social network. There are millions of people streaming games and millions of viewers watching them. That is a big audience. Learn this, at the end of 2018, Netflix had around 135 million subscribers worldwide. Do you know how many Fortnite had? 200 million!

To market any product, the target audience has to be established. So, when it comes to gaming, we have already established that the audience is there. They just need to be targetted.


Mobile gaming has taken a new turn. From consoles to today mobiles. The industry is reaching out to more and more people. Today you have in-game ads and in-app product placements which could give your business a nationwide reach.


Another innovative tool. To develop a gaming app for your business could be an excellent strategy. This idea has worked for many companies. With gamification, you build an audience engagement which gives your business another dimension. Back in the day of traditional marketing, the interaction with the customers was limited to just physical engagement at live events.

And through gamification, the audience holds the gas pedal to drive the marketing campaigns through their participation. This actually helps generate interest in people. Build a game for your brand on the basic idea of marketing your product.  This will open new doors to your business which will surely increase the value of your brand.

Mobile gaming

In-Game Advertisements

So, if you are not developing games for your brand then it is another way to get your product across to the gamers. The important thing for developers here is not to clutter the ads as into the apps. In the end, you have to provide a seamless experience to your user and a portal cluttered with apps is not the experience you want to give.

lottery tickets balls flying golden coins gambling business advertising

So, the advertisements should not hamper the experience of gaming whatsoever. This could be an effective way to give your business a wider reach.


The past couple of years streaming has taken over the internet. Be it entertainment or gaming. With Youtube and Twitch, streaming games has been a big rage all over the world. With people preferring to watch gameplay over an episode of Stranger Things, investing here would definitely be a wise choice.

in streaming

And with Google Stadia and Xbox Scarlett set to arrive this year and the next, streaming is definitely the future. If you understand their concept, basically these two gaming devices are actually Netflix of gaming. Now see their potential?

There are so many tools one can harness to market their products when it comes to gaming. And today, where there is not much competition, could be the best time to go for a gaming marketing strategy. Gaming is a new way to reach your customers. And it is important you realize it now because in the next 5 years the industry is expected to grow at a lot faster rate.

Game Over!


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