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Focus on Natural Language Processing To Boost SEO Results

Alexa… “How do I..?, “Can you…?, Switch on the….”

It seems like scientists are actually taking care of your comfort by introducing inventions that are making your life easier. There are robot vacuum cleaners for cleaning your house and voice assistants to answer your questions in a single go. Of course, we would love to talk about robots of all sorts. But, in terms of the latest developments on the marketing front, natural language processing, or what we call “voice search” has caught our attention. 

But why should you worry about natural language? Is it even beneficial for your business’s success story? Let’s understand the concept of NLP a bit more and decide whether it will be helpful for your business at any time soon.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Many factors or APIs influence how the NLPs function and play a part in changing the search metrics. It is a process where the bots analyze the content and try to look for meaning for words to enhance the understanding even better. It helps to provide search results in the best possible way keeping in mind the comfort of customers and online users. Here are some of the components that comprise NLP. 


In this, the content or sentence is broken into different terms. For example, if you say, “ I want to buy a Coke”, it will be seen as  I … WANT…. TO…. BUY…. A… COKE…

Parts-of-Speech Tagging

It classifies the parts of your sentence according to the part of speech. For instance, 

        I                   WANT          TO        BUY A                COKE

Pronoun           Verb            PRT        Verb         Determiner Noun


It identifies if any word is available in different forms such as a car, cars, car’s are equivalent to the word car.

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Word Dependency

It means creating a relation between words based on the rules of grammar. For instance, the diagram below explains how every word is connected.

words dependency nlp


Named Entity Extraction

This process tries to identify words that already have known meanings. In short, it will decipher a sentence in terms of people, places, and things. Google does it to improve its knowledge of worldly affairs. It triggers Google’s knowledge graph. 


It determines the relevance of the content concerning something. It identifies the indicator words.


It gives the score in terms of the emotion it might generate. 

Topic Subject Classification

This particular process helps you identify the niche of the topic. So, whenever searches a topic in such a niche, Google will provide you answers around that specific subject only. 

Text Classification

It will get more deep into research and find whether the content belongs to one of the following categories, such as praise, humor, question, or answer.


It will use different types of formatting categories to identify if the text posted is linked to a product, or a recipe, or any other category. 

Implied Meaning 

The way you format your content changes the meaning of the text altogether. If it comes in heading tags, it will be read in that way.

How Does NLP Affect SEO?

Google is working on two rankings algorithms that will be working in parallel. The first will be traditional PageRank, and the other one is a mobile algorithm. Both of them cover the context of your content in terms of the search queries. And all of this will determine any user’s search intent according to the following factors. 

  1. The type of device 
  2. Whether you are using keywords or voice search
  3. The number of simultaneous searches 
  4. Related topics

So, if your content is not optimized as per the new algorithm updates, chances are you might be losing out on a lot of customers and conversions on the whole. Also, the rise in the demand for voice assistants is indirectly affecting the overall search engine rankings. The marketers are now considering grabbing this opportunity to improve their ongoing SEO practices as NLP is here to stay. So, you need to strategize your strategies according to this new trend. 

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Key Takeaways 

NLP is driving sentiment analysis, and it is driving marketers tp convert their content into something meaning that evokes some sentiments, positive or negative. This will help to engage your brand in a better way possible. So, whenever anything related to your brand appears, it will move your audience in a way that will help you achieve targets. 

 NLP can be used to transform your content on product descriptions by adding more value in it rather than just describing its salient features. It can also help improve the chatbots’ functionalities, as well. It will improve the usability, utility, and customer experience of a brand. And thereby help you to increase sales and conversions drastically, for instance. Asos grew the number of orders by more than 300% by improving their Facebook messenger chatbot. A small change reaps in better results. Impressive, isn’t it? 






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