Empower your SME with These Business Tips in 2019

Opening your own business is more likely a learn-as-you-go process. But, the more smart decisions you make, the better chance your company will succeed.

In the US, 61.8% of net jobs are created by small and local businesses. As a lot of people have vested in SMEs, here are some incredible business tips to help independent small business owners put in the right efforts, and build a better future.

But first, make sure you:


Offer Something Extra

You don’t have to go big to lure customers. A small discount or small free gift with every purchase could do the trick.

Give your customers a reason to feel extra special every time they shop with you, especially if you can demonstrate how they are supporting you and the community by making a purchase. Again, do not push hard, just make them feel little extra good.


Include Local Media

Creativity is what will help you create your own position amongst competition. It also helps you secure space in the local environment.

You can organize a live music show or something different, and reach out local reporters to build up publicity.

Encourage & Educate them to Come Back Year-round

Turn their shopping moment into a teaching moment. Print up some flyers from the American Independent Business Alliance, and how they can help increase local wealth, health and security by purchasing local.

Talk to customers who show interest for a minute or two and educate them a little, and try to understand your habits. Also educate the masses about how your business is helping the community and environment.

Tips for Small Business for 2019

This year, let the internet do all the work for making your business famous. Unless your town is so small that everyone is aware of your shop, you will need to catch their attention.

Share interesting news and promotions online so that your new neighbours and travellers can easily find you. You can benefit greatly from an online presence.

Here are some additional business tips for you-

1. Go deep and understand how your customers buy locally. Even if you’re a small local merchant, you need to re-envision your role and establish yourself as a community advocate and work towards improving the health, growth and life quality of the people in your town.

2. Work on your customer service. Just remember that your neighbours spend a good amount of time online looking searching for almost everything they need.

You can indulge in a combination of on-and-offline customer service to deliver utmost customer satisfaction, and win loyal patrons.

3. Learn about local SEO online. There are many reliable websites that you can follow to keep pace with new developments and opportunities as they arise.

Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes a day,  days a week to learn more about promoting your small local business.

Key Takeaways

Small business owners as community advocates have the power to not only make a great living but also to improve the quality of life of their town.

Corporate social responsibility is one important advantage for corporations, and this must not be underestimated- They can start the most significant and crucial face-to-face conversations with their neighbours and customers by just asking-

Who do we want to be?

What is our best vision for how life could be here in our town?

Do not hesitate to take customer relationships beyond transactions. Including these tips in your business strategy can help your business soar high in 2019.






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