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Does Outbound Linking Help or Hurt SEO? Google Answers

Many SEO masters are going crazy, almost from the day term Search Engine Optimization caught fame, about outbound linking, they think it is the future of web development.

It feels like we are doing this from the start of the time, without thinking. 

If it is working anymore or not our concern.

Well, is it? Working or not? From all the essential questions hanging around the Internet, Google decided to answer this. 

Apparently, they have made a whole new YouTube Channel for it, and John Mueller, WebMasters Trends Analyst, answered it.  

Debut video of the series of short videos which they will be updating soon is for two minutes. 

Yes, they are in

Outbound linking is still in the trends, and it is going to stay in the trend for upcoming times too claims John Mueller in the video.

He does not stop over here, John believes that outbound linking is actually excellent for your websites.

This kind of linking helps a user to get more information on the topic and powers the user to cross check sources. 

It, according to Google, helps a user understand how the content you are offering does really have relevant answers to their questions or not?

What to watch out for?

However, there are some links that Google wants you to check twice before using. 

Arrangement Linking

These are the links you are getting out of a deal from any other site. 

Like a local steel yielding company has an arrangement with a local plastic recycling company about if they will give them they will provide them with the same.

Advertisement Linking 

I don’t know how or why, but Mr. Mueller mentioned these too.  

Advertisement outbound links are the ones which a company gets from another website after paying them for the same. 

Why Google do not like it is still a mystery to me. 

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Comment Linking

I agree with John here at this point, these are the most crappy kind of outbound linking there is. 

Some people in the name of outbound linking put links in the comments section on their websites. 

If you do not believe that some content is relevant enough to get a mention at the centre of attraction, why would anyone else? People are smart these days understand this. 

Mr. Mueller believes that above written all the pages are of no use at all of anyone, especially your own website. 

In all these pages others links are greater use for the user as you are thinking those are better than your link. 

If you are trying them as shoulders to rely upon for your link building network, please don’t. Rel no-follow links shall be the smarter option instead of all these links, for now.


Linking is the bread and butter, the most critical component of Search Engine Optimism. 

And this information, coming from Google itself, is important for the future of web development.

Outbound linking should not be done thoughtlessly, but you need to figure out which information shall be relevant to the viewer. 

Similarly, the content you will be linking to must always be related to your content. 





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