Mobile PPC Strategies

Convert Leads Into Conversions With Incredible Mobile PPC Strategies

Mobiles have become a means of necessity to more than 80% of the consumers. It’s like they are not able to commence a single job of their without switching on their smartphones.

Result-Mobile phones have completely outnumbered desktop when it comes to the total on site traffic.

Simply because there has been an increase in the number of mobile phones to approximately 5,000 million in the world.

So, incorporating mobile-friendly marketing strategies must be on the top of priority to win over the millions of customers that are hooked to their smartphones almost at all times.

But, still, a majority of the businesses are focussing on searches and leads that are converting through PPC advertising clicks via desktop.

However, with the world going “gaga” over smartphones, one must analyze whether or not relying on age-old marketing practices will be beneficial for their business. Also, they must have an understanding of whether or not their business will flourish through various mobile PPC services.

Here are some questions that need to be answered considering yourself as the consumer before indulging into Mobile PPC services for your company.

  1. If I am looking for a particular service, would I prefer searching via mobile?
  2. Whether my business is linked via customer/ consumer phone calls?
  3. Are people searching for or buying products that are similar to my business profile through mobile phone?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned queries is Yes,

Then, rather depending solely on Desktop PPC services, you should definitely think of switching to mobile PPC to increase your leads into conversions.

Before starting with what can be done to attract your potential customers, the following W’s must be understood.

  • WHO are the potential customers or target audience in terms of age, gender, demographics, and other related factors?
  • WHAT is their demand? What they are searching? What are their primary interests when it comes to shopping?
  • WHEN is the time of your customer’s highest online activity?
  • WHERE they prefer to shop? Online or physical location?
  • WHY is their primary need when it comes to searching online?

Once you understand the basic requirement of creating a PPC ad, here are some strategies that will help you to increase the efficacy of your Ad much better than your competitors.

– Start With Setting Up SMART PPC Goals

As per the article published in the Wordstream “SMART simply means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely”. The goals for which you are making an ad must be completely clear or else you will lose a lot of investment.

So, make sure the PPC ad is customer specific along with approaching the right keywords to ensure successful PPC marketing strategy.

  • Make Google Ads Adjustments With Respect to Mobile

For this to work, first of all, you are required to mention in AdWords that your ads should also be visible via mobile phones. After this step, one must make sure to select mobile bid adjustments.

Mobile Bid Adjustment = 100* {(value per mobile click / value per desktop and tablet click) – 1)

Analytics Stats



Then, you need to consider making your ads more catchy and appealing for mobile searches. This will work more if you will integrate Call-to-Action something like Call Us, or Click Away etc.

Along with this, you should also think about using call extensions so that consumer can call right away after seeing your ad.

  • Make Your PPC Landing Pages In Accordance With Mobile Phones

You need to create an incredible landing page which will be redirected via your PPC ad. Rate your landing page considering yourself as a customer. And see for yourself whether or not the following criteria is being taken care of.

– Is your page loading speed as per the set guidelines?
– Does the content make any sense?
– Is the call-to-action easy to understand for your customers to act on?

It is a no-brainer that your site’s loading speed must be less than 3 seconds, otherwise, more than 40% of consumers will leave your website. It will not only affect your business but will also impact your brand’s value. That will eventually affect your conversions.

Again, content should not be just posted on the website. Rather, you must strategize and research what content type will suit your PPC ad in the best possible way.
And lastly, you must understand the value of a CTA. It should easily convey your customers what you want them to do next. Or else you will end up losing all your potential customers.

  • Make Use Of Call Tracking Softwares

It is a well-established fact that more than 40% of all search-related leads are converted into profits or conversions via phone calls. Various call tracking software will help you make analayze what is working better and whether or not your strategy is going good.

  • Plan Your Mobile PPC Goals

Your Google Ads or mobile PPC strategies must be in accordance with your business goals. This will help to improve your website rankings, click- through rates, thereby increasing call rates.

Also, target appropriate consumers according to your products. This will help to make your products ads much more influential. Thereby, making your chances of winning leads or business prospects in the future.

To wrap it up, mobile PPC strategies will work for almost all business types. It is a type of marketing strategy that will help to increase your brand awareness, thereby increasing the sales of your products.

Even though you might have a good organic ranking of specific keywords. However, you can use mobile PPC strategies to increase the number of leads to conversions.

Have you planned your mobile PPC strategy yet?


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