How and Why Topic Clusters Is Still a Hit in SEO World?

What the heck are these topic clusters and why some of the SEO guys are so obsessed with it?

You must have tried understanding this unnecessarily complicated term and relatively speaking, Google is not helping, in this topic. 

Mostly posts are stuffed with jargons and are complex to understand, so here is a simple one.

What is this?

Before 2013, SEO was super simple, but in the same year, Google introduced the Hummingbird update.

So, now, Google overnight wanted us to shift us from keyword-focused SEO to the topic and content-based SEO. 

What it meant to SEO experts is that now they needed content writers more than ever for better content. 

So what changed was, previously landing pages had close to zero content with millions of keywords.

But now, we have landing pages or pillar pages filled with quality content. 

These pillar pages are full of internal links, which correlates to the topic. 

Not to mention here that Google changes its ranking algorithm in 500 to 600 times a year. 

So, SEO is already doomed, anyway, but some guys are calling content clusters the last ray of hope. 

Why Is It Still Working?

It is pillar pages, which are the reason behind, content clusters’ consistent success. 

In simplest of words; what it does is to spoon-feed Google spider, for helping it scan your content. 

Listen to this, on one side; the spider has to go through a pile of pages to identify if the content is worthy; on the other pages are categorically tour it your website. 

Google wants to rank up the content, which is easier to access and informational for the searcher. 

Your writers will take care of the informational thing; now, it is up to the SEO guys to make is easily accessible.

Because It Is Making you Good

The best thing about topic clusters is that you can focus on so many keywords on one page. 

G-Spider nowadays is also interested in related keywords as well; which means you need to pump up words on pillar pages.

This strategy is also a big hit because we can focus on the low competition keywords at the beginning, and once we are right they rank, we can shoot for the stars.

This way, Google will start to look at you as a reliable source of information. 

Your chances of coming in the featured snippet will also increase by using this method.

This is the very reason why T.C. is such a hit with PPC management services companies

P.S. They are crazy about it. 


So, this is all the basics you need to touch the ground with for topic cluster. 

Search Engine Optimism is a complex project, especially when the algorithm is changing like London’s weather. 

It is super unpredicted and hard to figure out, but the basics will always remain the same for this; informative content will always sell. 

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