Google Announced Android 10

Cheer up! Google Has Announced Android 10, And it Looks, Yum!

Aogle recently let the world start using android 10, making it available for some of its phones. Cell phones which will be able to run it are Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3. Just like the rest of their belongings, Google is going slow with this new update too. 

They are trying it first on their in house projects, to make it 100% bug-free before releasing it worldwide.

Nonetheless, we have to admit that the new android is very handy and makes life easier for users.

So, let’s discuss the magic ASAP.

Swipe Away!

The iconic swipe gestures which were till now just a thing of iPhones will help android phones too. 

You will have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to back to home, without pressing the home button.

If you want to go a step back, all you gotta do is, slide your finger from right to left.

Similarly, when you wish to flick through your recently open, at the bottom of the screen flick right or left. 

Live Captions

The world has two kinds of people; one who doesn’t need closed captions for anything and two, those who need it for everything.

If you fall on the other hemisphere, ten is for you. It now has the option of live captions. 

They will work on videos, podcasts, and audio messages as well, which is an excellent opportunity for anyone learning English. 

Live captions option will come in the act from this fall, in Pixel phone. 

Privacy Is Essential 

Data privacy, ever since the whole Facebook selling data to third party apps scenario, has become essential. 

Now, everyone wants to know where their data is going and which app is collecting how much data.

So, to take care of any data-stealing, Google has made significant changes, which are:

  • User will be able to choose if s/he wants to share location with any app or not. The phone will also notify you if any app will collect your location data when you’re not using it. You will also get notifications about apps which you aren’t using but are collecting location data.
  • They have put together controls like Ad Settings and Web & App Activity at one place. 
  • The most significant change and the one I like is related to updates. Now, Google will send whatever update they come up for your operating system, so that you do not have to wait for the whole package. These updates will have significant security and privacy fixes, along with Google Play system updates.

Handing Lasso To The Parents 

You cannot keep smartphones and kids separate these days, and it is becoming a headache for parents. Kids as naive they sometimes misuse these gadgets. For a similar reason just like Android 9, la Decima has a family link. 

It will help parents to control, the device bedtime, time limits on discrete apps, daily screen time limits et cetera. 

Parents will now also be able to check what kids are installing in their phones.

That’s That 

So, these are some of the best and most intruding features of new Android 10. This is going to be a total blast as the feeling of the moment is right now. 

Some features are totally out of this world, and privacy and security are getting a lot of attention in this new update.

Well, I cannot wait to try it on my phone. The SEO game is related very closely to the smartphone industry these days. 

People are searching on their phones more than computers. 

The whole business with voice searches will inevitably change the way we approach SEO in coming days.

Even the Best Seo Services Company of the world today would agree to the claim. 

The change is here, where are you on this?



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