Boost Engagement With Outstanding YouTube Video Titles

Imagine you are in a room full of “Williams”. Who will you choose? And above that, if you add another “William” to that group. Why will anyone choose your “William” over others? Especially if they are already frontliners. The same thing happens with YouTube video titles as well. 

With kickass video titles, you are ensuring an impactful first impression. Isn’t that you always hope for whenever you post an article or a video? That customer pauses as soon as he/she sees your link among millions of other links. It’s precisely the deciding factor whether any viewer will click on the “PLAY” button or not. 

Investing in upgraded animation software, hiring talented animators, producing breathtaking videos will turn into a complete waste if your video does not have mind-blowing titles. 

In this article, we will touch different aspects of YouTube video titles, their importance, and impact on SEO while finding different ways of creating good titles to boost your viewers and engagement rate. 

Why Creating Great Titles Matter?

“300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!” Making YouTube one of the highest sources for millions of video viewers online. How will you be able to attract such a large customer base? Especially, when there is so much fierce competition going across the channel. 

The key ingredient to winning over the competition is “writing customer-centric or audience-engaging” titles. If you are into content marketing, you will understand the importance of an impressive title or headline as a medium to lure customers. It’s no secret that title is the first thing that attracts any person looking for answers to their search queries. 

Very well researched and descriptive Youtube video titles are a part of an effective video marketing strategy. Here are the two primary reasons behind that statement. 

  1. An enticing video title will be a deciding factor whether or not viewers would prefer watching your video. 
  2. Your title is like a short summary of what the entire video will be about. That’s how YouTube or other search engines will be able to distinguish it from millions of other videos. Precisely why experts stress too much on including keywords in the video titles. To increase its chances of topping the charts. 

There is a famous quotation, “One cannot judge a book by its cover”. Well, we can definitely judge it by the same book by its title. Posting good videos with remarkable titles will exponentially increase your chances of getting the required recognition.  

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The Key Elements of Writing a Compelling Video Titles

Clear titles make your videos more search-friendly and easily discoverable. But what differentiates a good and a bad video title. Here are some of the qualities of a great video title. 

It’s Concise

People or online viewers usually ignore long, wordy titles. Thereby, reducing your chances of getting the desired recognition. People have short attention-span. So, you have practically a few seconds to grab their attention. In addition to that, longer titles get scrapped in search results. Always aim for title lengths around 60 characters. 

It’s Appropriate

It will do no good to you if you use misleading titles. Try to be clear and transparent while creating titles for your video. If you use something that is not in sync with your video content, your video will be unable to create a desirable impact. 

Understanding that people are busy will help you choose the right strategies for reaching out to them. 

It’s Different

Coming up with a clear, concise, and one-of-its-kind titles will help your video to stand out among others. For instance, making videos on “companion animal” or “making the roasted chicken” will be tough to outrank others. 

However, if you add some key elements in your title like “Expect health with your companion animal” or “How to make a mouth-watering roasted chicken recipe?”. It will help you reach a larger online user base within no time.

It’s Targeting The Right Keywords

Keywords are not useful just for your blogs or websites. They hold importance for video titles as well. As people are searching for certain terms for finding related content on either Google or YouTube. So, using such key phrases will help your videos to garner the attention that it deserves.

Once you understand the trick of right a title using these key factors or ingredients. You will notice that your videos are improving in terms of engagement effectively. 

Now that we understand the primary ingredients of a great video title, let’s go further and start cooking the recipe using a six-step procedure. 

A 6-Step Procedure For a Perfect Title Recipe

Thinking to make it big this time? The following ideas will help you revive your YouTube channel and videos. Forget the old rule that says “if a thing works for one, it might work for others as well.” Be creative and look for new strategies while working on different videos.

Start With Keyword Research 

Before writing a title for your video, make sure you know what your viewers or customers looking for. Understanding keywords is of utmost importance. If you have your keyword strategy in the right direction, that gives you an edge over others. 

If you are a novice, here is how you can start with your keyword research. Go ahead with any Keyword research tools available. For instance, you can choose either Keyword Planner in Adwords, SEMrush, or Ahrefs. 

For instance, if your video talks about “content marketing strategies in 2019”, the first thing that you need to search is content marketing 2019 or content marketing 2019. Choose only the one with higher volume and low competition. This will improve your chances to rank your videos sooner. 


Images Source – Ahrefs

You can also go for suggested questions as viewers search using a set of questions. Not only that, YouTube autocomplete feature gives you an idea of finding an apt title for your video title. Often marketers forget the word “video” that can give them extra scoring points to increase the chances of your video to reach the top of SERPs. 

Go For Title Analysis Tools

Once you know what keywords to target, the next part comes coming up with intriguing titles. For that, you can use different tools that will analyze your title’s strength in terms of engagement and creativity. 

Although, relying on a mere algorithm might not be a good idea every time. But, it will surely make you understand what will work and what will waste your investment or efforts entirely. 

Shave a Word or Two

If you think deleting one or two words from your title won’t change its meaning. Then, consider removing them. Short titles are easily memorized. Plus, chances are they might not forget your video title at all. Google says to keep the length around 60 characters to make it more appealing. 

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Create Eye-Catchy Titles

You will have just a few seconds to make an impact on your viewers. For that, you need to use the right words in the right places. 

Ask Questions

If your video is answering any one of the questions or is delivering information of some kind. Then, using titles in the form of questions will help to answer such questions. Precisely why “how-to”, or “information” videos are ranking higher than other videos of similar niches. 

Induce Interest

While writing or creating titles for your videos, make sure you ask yourself “why would anyone watch video”. Why should anyone bother watching your video in the first place? For that, you can either use numbers or lists or create a situation that will make them the fear of losing out on important data. 

Don’t be too promotional whenever writing a title for your video. Furthermore, beware of making promises that you won’t deliver. 

In short, SEO is not about posting written content anymore. It is more about using good images and videos that can create an impact on every type of search engine. Videos are especially one of the most intriguing forms.

Thereby, making Video SEO one of the best strategies to conquer different marketing channels. A strong title is the start of an amazing journey towards higher engagement and ROI.





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