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Best Digital Marketing Trends And Innovations For 2020

Technology has been evolving constantly and connecting people across the world. You can share information easily, promote your work, showcase your talent to a wider audience. It is used to promote business and services. In all this, digital marketing plays a big role. 

Also, when you are investing in digital marketing, it becomes crucial to keep yourself updated with the new trends and innovations. You need to keep up with your competition, and for that, you need to be aware of everything new in your field. The advancements and changes in technology have a direct impact on your business.

So, you need to keep changing or updating your business techniques according to the trends for the best results. To help you a bit with that, here are some of the best digital marketing trends and innovations for 2020 that you should look after.

1. Chatbots Will Stay For Good

Chatbots are very effective software programs that interact with the users coming to the website. They communicate with viewers naturally and answer their queries in real-time. They can use either use verbal interaction with users or chat windows. 

The biggest benefits of using Chatbots are:

a) Time-Saving: Chatbots come up with answers quickly to all sorts of questions. With quick replies, customers will also be able to make decisions faster.

b) The satisfaction of Customers: Chatbots are not humans, so they don’t need time to rest. So, whenever the customer needs some information, they can get it. Chatbots can also improve your sales conversion rates as they respond more accurately.

c) Easy For Customers: Chatbots don’t have emotions like humans, so they can never be moody. They don’t turn away the customers and give an unbiased, clear, and informative responses. All these things will make the customer feel comfortable.

2. Increased Involvement of Artificial Intelligence

It is what it sounds like, basically in AI robots or machines work like humans. It merges the various features like chatbots and voice assistants to find the answers faster. The biggest examples are Alexa and Siri. These two voice assistants are excellent in their work, that is, providing good customer care. They work on their behalf once an order is given by the user. 

The AI robots use sensors and human inputs to collect the data and facts about a problem or situation. These robots also store data from the search of a user to provide a better experience to the user in the future. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a big part of digital marketing, especially in content marketing.

3. Next-GEN SEO

The search engine industry is constantly updating itself with new changes in search algorithms. And this directly affects the customer’s search results. Every algorithm has its own benefits or problems, this depends upon how you are looking at it. But in the end, the goal of search engines is to provide users with the most accurate answers to their queries. 

4. Transparency 

This is becoming a trend and in 2020, it will be in the top priorities of a company. Research shows that retaining a customer also depends upon the transparency of the company and the information it is providing. The information should be easy-to-digest and present facts in front of people.

However, the way in which a company handles private data of a customer is also crucial. So, the companies have to be transparent with what kind of information they are using to promote their products. Don’t use anything fake, present facts.

Focus on the following points:

  • Company’s core values.
  • Selling should not be the ONLY goal.
  • Be open to your customers.
  • Respond to your customer’s queries quickly.
  • Have the ability to take criticism and work on it.


You need to stay on top of the digital marketing circle to do good business. And for that, it is very crucial to know all the marketing trends and update your strategies accordingly. Personalize your products, use social media efficiently, be open and gain the trust of your customers, and use software systems smartly for your online activities and relationships with customers.





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