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5 Digital Marketing Ideas You Should Adopt During The Pandemic

Given the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the global economy, affected thousands of businesses, and interrupted everybody’s day-to-day routine. Perhaps it is safe to say that a pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. However, the coronavirus pandemic is a short interruption, and businesses sitting on the back burner will rise to the occasion as soon as the virus subsides.

And when that happens you don’t want to be left behind. After all, many businesses have incurred huge losses in the past few weeks and it will be vital to get back on track after everything normalizes.

To regain the losses and to meet the financial goals in the second half of 2020. Business owners have to make sure that nothing comes to a grinding halt, particularly if your business has an online presence. If you let your business come to a halt, you will lose the traction you’ve gained so far and it will be a complete waste of the time, money, and energy you have put into it.

This is to say that we have to put behind everything in the second half of 2020 and focus on adopting pandemic friendly digital marketing ideas.

Connect With Your Customers On Social Media

It is a great time to stand out and promote your brand. After all, everyone is locked inside their homes. They have ample time in their hands and most vitally people are spending ample time on social media. This also means that the coronavirus outbreak has presented each business owner with an opportunity.

Sure there are inconveniences, but failing all together is a greater loss. So, make sure you stay empathetic, sound less pushy, and sales in your social media campaign. Also, make sure that while you are stuck within the four walls of your home, you connect with your customers by providing them value.

Most of us are constantly scanning for updates and using social media platforms to connect with our loved ones. This is why using social media as a part of your marketing campaign can prove beneficial.

In addition, e-commerce businesses can use social media platforms to help the elderly and those devoid of basic necessities. This will help you promote your brand while you promote your good deeds through various social media channels.

Make Sure You Have An Online Presence

In case you didn’t notice, search traffic has increased since lockdown orders were put in place. More people are spending time online and it will continue to grow as long as lockdown orders are being sanctioned by the authorities. In fact, we all are either working from home glued to our computers or scrolling through the phone to stay in touch with the people we miss.

Not only this but we all are looking for various ways to pass our idle time. For most people that includes Netflix, shopping online, and searching for updates on our smartphones.

This is to say that anything that happens online right now will attract potential customers. So, if you don’t have an online presence, in my personal opinion this is the right time to build a website or social media channels. Also, if you already have an online presence make sure that you use digital marketing strategies to optimize your website.

You should be incorporating SEO strategies to climb on top of the search engine results. This way your customers will find your business easily and you will also get an increased amount of traffic and traction.

More vitally, always keep in mind that this is not the time to hibernate and wake up when things are better. The efforts put in the second half of 2020 will decide how well you do when the situation normalizes. People still order essentials online, and they contact businesses for queries.

Self -isolation or quarantine at home will not stop them from meeting their requirements. Moreover, these crucial times call for adjustments. You have to make some adjustments in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Make PPC A Part Of Your Digital Campaign

Pay-per-click or PPC will enable you to create engagement and take the lead in the competition. It is a smart move that will open doors to profit and revenue in the near future. Interestingly, you can also save money because PPC is no longer an expensive campaign.

The rates for PPC have decreased by 6 percent. This also means that you can choose an inexpensive budget for your PPC campaign as long as the rates do not shoot up. In fact, it is most likely that even CPC will decrease as long as the coronavirus forces businesses to shut down. This means that you will pay less amount to a publisher while your advertisement will reach a wide variety of audiences. 

If you include PPC in your marketing strategy. It will give you time to regain the losses you have incurred in the past few weeks. Ideally, not all businesses will be working consistently. Most of them will go offline and advertisers may not get as many publishers as they should.

So, grab this opportunity and take advantage of the reduced competition. Continue with as little digital marketing as you can and help your business rise up from a significant downfall.

Optimize Your Website Regularly

Let’s face it, SEO combined with all other digital marketing strategies will enable you to reach on top of the search engines. And reaching on top five or at least top three positions will help you reach a maximum no. of audiences. Optimization of keywords, content, and your complete website will help you climb up the Google and other search engine ladder.

If you do not continue to your website and content regularly. You won’t be able to drive traffic and with the time you will also lose valuable customers. Not only this but once you lose traffic, you will also lose thousands of potential customers and generate less revenue.

This is why it is vital to optimizing the website regularly. In fact, some SEO experts are of the view that you should learn to do SEO even if you are not getting any business at this moment. After all, you don’t want your years of hard work and profit to go down the drain.

Also, take note that after the crisis normalizes, the competition will shoot up instantly. Competitors will do everything to cover up economic shortcomings. So, preparing for the coming future is necessary and the same can be done through an effective marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

You can choose to fall back if your business has incurred huge losses. Although SEO will not require you to create a very expensive budget. You can practice SEO just like you have been doing in the past. Continuing with the same practices will help you establish a strong foundation.

Some might feel that pulling back is a wise decision. But strengthening your digital marketing campaigns will help you get ready for what is to come in the future.


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